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Project  02 / 03




Personal project


Figma, Principle, After Effects


OnPoint is an advanced online UI-Kit specifically designed to increase orders and boost customer satisfaction with simple and clean UI built in Figma.

OnPoint features 24 iPhone X screens, stylish and scalable design with symbols library and custom made icons to fit the style of the app.


Base fonts used in the logo are “Beyno” and “Bebas Neue” both were modified for better visual look.

Color Palette

Bright and fresh colors combined with darker secondary colors for better contrast and difference.

Adding to Card

Animations are an important aspect of every app, not just for the visual, but also from the functionality standpoint. In this case, it was important to animate adding product to cart in a simple and delightful way.


A lot of potential customers can get annoyed by not being able to look for what they want. Therefore the filtering button is always available to the user, floating at the bottom.


Icons have 2px stroke with rounded caps or 1px border-radius on thicker lines. The most important Icons are with fill color, the less important ones are just outlines.

Text Styles

Bebas Neue was chosen mainly for its urban look, it’s used only for the titles with bold weight. Roboto Condensed is mainly for the paragraphs with weight either regular or light.

Simple Checkout

One of the most important aspects of a great e-commerce platform is a simple checkout process. Here it takes for existing customers 3 simple steps to checkout.

View the case study on Behance & download OnPoint UI-Kit here.
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